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    A Look at the Clubs and Activities Available to Lower School Students

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Giving students a well-rounded education that provides ample college opportunities begins well before they reach high school. Stimulating young minds with diverse activities can help them become higher academic achievers. It also provides a context in which children can discover their individual passions and interests. The following describes a few of the activities that The Benjamin School offers to our lower school students.

    Spanish Club
    As the world becomes increasingly connected through social media outlets and communicative devices, it is more important for children and teens to be proficient in world languages. Spanish is a particularly important language to master, as it is the second-most common tongue in the U.S. That’s why our private school offers Spanish Club for students beginning in the second grade. We also provide French Club for students in grades three through five.

    Art Club
    Budgets to support art programs are being slashed from public schools across the nation. This unfortunate development prevents young children from expressing themselves through a highly important medium.. The Benjamin School places a high priority on the arts. Our Art Club is available to all students in first through fifth grades. Though this club, students can explore their artistic interests with both recycled materials and natural media.

    Dance Club
    Obesity is compromising the health of millions of children in the United States. Like art programs, physical education is no longer offered at many public schools. Our Dance Club, which focuses on hip-hop and jazz for students in the second through fifth grades, gives children the chance to be active, learn different dances, and have fun.

    The Benjamin School offers more than 25 different clubs and activities for our lower school students. For more information about these groups, call our West Palm Beach area private school at (561) 472-5998. Our staff would be happy to discuss any aspect of our early childhood education program with parents. 

    A Look at School Programs Offered by Student Services at The Benjamin School

    Last updated 4 years ago

    The Benjamin School strives to bestow our students and with every means possible for a successful academic career at our West Palm Beach area private school. We provide multiple services that can help students of all ages deal with obstacles both inside and outside the classroom. We offer individual counseling, academic coaching, and success groups. The Benjamin School also offers student services that can support students during particularly challenging times; our divorce support and bereavement groups can give students the emotional encouragement they need, and our friendship groups can help children and teenagers develop lifelong relationships with their peers. We also provide outside referrals for students requiring more substantial professional assistance.

    Let The Benjamin School be the vehicle for your child’s academic success. Our North Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens campuses offer a comprehensive support system that looks after students’ academic and emotional growth. To find out more about the benefits that our private school can provide, call 561.693.4604 or visit our website. 

    What Are the Benefits of Choosing an Independent School for Your Child?

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Parents want their children to receive the best education possible. Not only does a child’s school mold his early academic career, but it can also influence his collegiate options and professional achievements. Choosing an outstanding independent school for your child provides a foundation for his later success. As the following features demonstrate, private schools offer a wealth of advantages over public school:

    Quality Educators

    Getting your child excited about his education depends in large part on his instructor. Teachers set the tone for a child’s academic experience, and the more engaging and stimulating the classroom, the more invested students will be in their studies. While enthusiasm is a key component of being an excellent educator, so too are the right qualifications. Independent schools have rigid criteria for their teachers to ensure that students are taught by some of the best minds around.

    Superior Scholastic Opportunities

    Independent schools do not have to follow a government-mandated academic plan, allowing instructors and staff to set even higher educational standards for their students. When you send your child to a private school, you allow him to explore his intellectual potential. Independent schools offer superior scholastic opportunities in an accommodating environment. With smaller than average student to teacher ratios, students can benefit from more one-on-one guidance from instructors.

    Comprehensive Support

    The teachers and staff at independent schools strive to provide students with a platform to expand their talents outside the academic realm. Many private schools have extensive extracurricular programs that allow students to discover their love for music, art, athletics, world languages, and more. As a result, students often graduate from private schools with a greater appreciation for these disciplines, which provide a well-rounded educational experience.

    Would you like to learn more about the independent school experience? Schedule a campus visit to The Benjamin School to see firsthand the benefits that our private school offers students. We also encourage parents to call us at (561) 472-5998 to speak with us about our early childhood education and college placement offerings in North Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens. 

    Benefits of Private School

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Are you considering private school for your child? This video discusses the advantages of a private school education over that of public school.

    On average, private schools have fewer students, which means a lower ratio of children to instructors. This allows teachers to spend more time with each of their students and form stronger bonds with them. Statistics indicate that individuals hired as private school educators typically have better credentials than teachers in public schools. Academic benefits aren’t the only reason to send your child to private school. Many times, private institutions have more comprehensive extracurricular activities, allowing students to explore their interests and evolve their talents.

    The Benjamin School in the West Palm Beach area provides a stimulating private school experience for students. For more information on our early childhood education and college placement benefits, call 561.693.4604.

    Find Out How To Help Your Child Get The Most From Their Education By Reading Through These Articles

    Last updated 5 years ago

    A college preparatory school that integrates state-of-the-art technology with a rigorous, challenging curriculum can help your child achieve his or her academic and career goals. Read the articles below for more information on your child’s education.

    Learn more about the college prep and early childhood education programs available at The Benjamin School in the West Palm Beach area. Give us a call at 561.693.4604 or visit our website to learn more about our school’s mission.

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