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    The Advantages of Learning Another Language

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Comprehensive early childhood education programs should ideally include an introduction to world languages. Youngsters who begin studying other languages early in life and continue to work toward bilingualism at their college preparatory school can enjoy a wealth of benefits, including the ability to converse with a broader range of people. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of language instruction at private schools:

    College Admission

    The advantages of bilingualism extend well beyond a child’s college preparatory years. Many colleges require at least two years of study in a foreign language for admission. Graduate school programs also tend to require a demonstration of proficiency in at least one foreign language. Enrolling your child in a private school that emphasizes world language instruction will help her further her academic achievements.

    Career Advancement

    The competitiveness of today’s job market could very well persist for quite a long time. By learning another language, your child will have an edge over other candidates for his or her preferred position. Some companies, particularly those that conduct business internationally, require employees to speak multiple languages.

    Cognitive Function

    The brain is capable of developing new synapses in response to stimuli via a process called neuroplasticity. Research has shown that learning another language improves cognitive function. Those who are bilingual demonstrate a greater development of the brain’s executive function, which is critical for problem solving, planning, remembering information, and staying focused. They also tend to achieve higher grades and test scores. Children who begin learning a world language in an early childhood education program will reap the benefits throughout their academic careers.

    Cultural Understanding

    Bilingualism also presents clear advantages for those who travel internationally. In addition to the ability to converse more readily with those from other cultures, children who are bilingual may develop a greater grasp of the cultures themselves.

    At The Benjamin School, we are proud to offer world languages to all of our students, beginning with our 3 year-old students and continuing through Advanced Placement courses. Students can study French, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese. Call us at 561.693.4604 to learn more about our early childhood education program and college preparatory school. 

    Zero Tolerance: Stopping Student Bullying [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Each year, more than 3 million American students become victims of bullying. For one in 10 of these public and private school students, the constant anxiety, fear, and pain of bullying results in dropping out of school. The rest often remain quiet and their daily torment becomes part of their everyday lives.

    Bullying comes in many forms. A child can be bullied with physical aggression, verbal harassment, and silent intimidation. He can even be subjected to it at home; approximately 43 percent of all students suffer from cyber bullying. So what can adults do to stop this epidemic? This infographic, courtesy of a independent school in West Palm Beach, details the overwhelming occurrence of bullying in the United States and ways parents can address it. Bullying can be stopped in our nation’s public and private schools; please do your part by sharing this infographic with your fellow parents. 

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    The Benjamin School Review -

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Since 1960, The Benjamin School in the West Palm Beach area has been encouraging the natural curiosity of youngsters. We challenge all children, from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade, to achieve their personal bests with a comprehensive and cohesive curriculum. Contact us today at (561) 472-5998 to learn more about our early childhood education program.

    Helpful Tips About Your Child's Learning

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The Benjamin School of North Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens emphasizes rigorous, collegial learning, where students are encouraged to view new coursework as an opportunity to advance their education. Click on the links below to learn even more about how a private school education can enrich your child’s academic development.

    • Explore an overview of AP course offerings with these helpful descriptions from The College Board.
    • Learn about the benefits of foreign language education with this overview from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
    • Find tips for preparing college applications with this article “Preparing for College.”
    • Read this Guggenheim study to find out how an arts education can increase your child’s capacity for imagination, experimentation, and self-reflection.
    • Check out this PBS article to learn how singing, listening, and playing music all enhance your child’s brain development.

    The educators at The Benjamin School in Northern Palm Beach county believe that success happens in different ways for each student, and our teachers ensure that each and every individual has the opportunity to succeed. Call (561) 472-5998 today to learn more about how our structured, nurturing community environment allows our students to reap the benefits of hard work. 

    Understanding the Role of Arts Education

    Last updated 5 years ago

    How does art contribute to your student’s educational enrichment and increase his or her chances for the best college placement? Beginning with a strong early education program, coursework in the arts allows students to express themselves creatively, stimulates language and communications skills, and even creates the foundation for moral values. Here is an overview of the role that a comprehensive arts education can play in your young student’s life.

    Creative Expression

    From an early age, the arts instill in students both the personal fulfillment of a job well done and the satisfaction that accompanies creative self-expression. In fact, visual arts stimulates the imagination and critical thinking and builds self-confidence in children from early childhood onward. Art provides an outlet for children to articulate their visions of themselves and the larger world and enables them to expand their horizons and learn about new cultures.

    Language Development

    By working with their peers on projects, visual and performing arts increase team-building and problem-solving skills and teach children to respect alternate viewpoints. Furthermore, art has been proven to enhance communication skills. Students who receive comprehensive arts education are more flexible when presented with challenges, better able to reflect on goals, and more adept at recognizing resources necessary to complete projects.

    Individual Values

    The best visual and performing arts teachers allow students to grow, develop, and nurture their individual creativity. From string lessons as a young child in our Lower School to performing center stage in a musical in our Upper School, opportunities for individual creative expression are endless at The Benjamin School.

    To learn more about The Benjamin School’s commitment to a visual and performing arts education for children from early childhood through college preparation, call us today at (561) 472-5998. Our educators are dedicated to developing a lasting involvement and appreciation of the arts in all of our students through course offerings in music, drawing, photography, dance, and much more. 

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